15 October 2011

Post 436: a general update

Sooooo, I skipped a general post (because I did not include The Tigress of Forli in the last one). There's a reason for that: I'm doing a bit of a theme with my next batch of books because Halloween is freaking awesome. I didn't do anything special for Halloween last year, for whatever reason. I don't typically do themed posts unless it happens to be on accident, and well, that's kind of what happened again here. I found I was scheduling a lot of zombie books and decided, "Oh look, a thing, let's make that thing a Thing." Thing-a-ling-a-ding-dong. I so ran that through Microsoft Sam at warp speed, and so should you. Oh, and since I was lazy and didn't want to make a whole bunch of library books, not only will there be zombies, there will also be madness, and by madness I mean Lovecraft. It's kind of synonymous really. If you didn't know what synonymous meant, you might think it was an animal, possibly a snake-mouse hybrid. Maybe with wings. Somebody draw me a picture of a "synonymous," I will love you forever.

Eat Your Heart Out by Dayna Ingram.
Yes, that Dayna Ingram. And also that one. She wants her own Wikipedia page, someone should make that happen someday. Anyway, zombies and lesbians, what's not to like?

Brains: A Zombie Memoir by Robin Becker.
I started reading this October 3rd (to give you an idea of where I am in my reading syllabus). I don't care much for Jack Barnes. He's kind of an asshole; an undead asshole. I really hope a bullet lands in that over-educated brain of his.

Dust by Joan Frances Turner.
I have actually picked this book up and read the dust jacket several times at the library in Bowling Green only to put it back on the shelf because I already had too many books. Then I saw it on the library sale table and since it was less than 10 cents I bought it. Of course, now I don't remember exactly what it's about other than zombies. I seem to remember the blogosphere liking it... or at least not hating it.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H.P. Lovecraft.
Requested by one of my friends who I used to do a podcast with waaaaaay back in time. He wanted to know why I had never done anything Lovecraftian for the blog and my response was, "Uh... I dunno, hasn't come up yet." So this is his recommendation and I figure Halloweenish would be a good time for the readin's of the Lovecraft.

At the Mountains of Madness by H.P. Lovecraft.
That reason above, read that again.

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