18 February 2011

Post 328: Fallen

Fallen by Lauren Kate. ISBN: 9780385738934.

I can't really talk about major plot elements since anything I would want to talk about in depth would be too spoiliery. I mean, I could, but even fewer people would read this entry. I will say that I liked the little details that were put into this novel. While it does share some of the same plot elements and issues with Twilight, it is much better written and our characters are a little more well defined. For instance, I learned what Luce's favorite foods were when she had a picnic with her parents at the boarding school. This information was introduced in a fairly natural way, rather than weird and awkward "dating game" questions, like Edward asking Bella what her favorite color was and her giving a non-answer 'Brown, at least today, it changes because I have no real personality.'

I was also excited to see that one of Luce's favorite foods was okra pickles. Why okra pickles? Because it is one of the few things I like about the South. Strangely, I did not actually discover the joys of okra pickles until Thanksgiving 2009. My fiance and I were visiting my mother and she had them as a snack. Ever since, I have introduced as many people as possible to the deliciousness that is the okra pickle. The okra actually has very little of its own flavor, so if you like the taste of vinegar and pickling spices, this is the way to go.

Personally, I'm pretty fond of the texture of okra. It has the perfect shape and there is something infinitely satisfying about the feel of the tiny white seeds popping in your mouth. It really is an underappreciated foodstuff, so it was nice to see something I enjoy show up in a book that others seem to be enjoying. This book was not quite as delicious as my favorite snack, but it was a quick read and the last four chapters or so were a pretty good set up for what should be an excellent sequel, maybe.

PS: my favorite brand is Talk o'Texas. Man, I freakin' love okra... I might just be losing my mind.

Obey the okra.

I thought this was a fairly good review by another Goodreader. I rated it three stars, although the last star is more of a waffle. The ending is really what pushed it over into 3-star territory. This is pretty much a fluff book.
LibsNote: Library copy. Yay, free books!


  1. YES FOR OKRA PICKLES! I recently discovered their deliciousness. :)

  2. To add a little more to that story, that trip was my first introduction to okra of any sort. We had fried okra from two different restaurants (Cracker Barrel and Church's Chicken; I think I liked Church's better), but the pickles were far and away my favorite. I've even gotten my mother hooked on them, and I am unspeakably glad that you can find them north of the Mason-Dixon.

  3. I only really like okra fried and it has to be really fried well or else it's too slimy for me. I really need to read Torment because I spent way too much of this book confused and I think a lot will be cleared up in that one.

  4. Wow, I had no idea this post would get so many comments, it's kind of awesome.

    I'm a big fan of fried okra as well, but I actually like it in almost any form. For some reason the sliminess doesn't really bother me. I wasn't confused for most of Fallen, so much as not interested up until the last chapters when there was a more pressing conflict. The possible end of the world was definitely more interesting to me than "waa, does he like me?" It would have been nice to have that latter stretched out a little longer and the former not stretch out quite so long. My eyes are strained from all the rolling they've been doing in my head.


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