05 March 2012

Post 486: 24 Girls in 7 Days

24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley. ISBN: 9780142408346.

This book is about a guy named Jack Grammar who decided he wasn't going to go to his prom alone. The only problem is that he's incredibly awkward around women. His friends then place an advertisement in the school newspaper as a joke, but it's a joke that ends with him dating several candidates with the idea that he would pick one to go to prom with.

I was in a situation myself where I decided to go to prom last minute. I also didn't want to go by myself. I was in a school that I didn't really like and hadn't really made any close friends in the two years I was there. I did have a few acquaintances and people I liked well enough. So I ended up going to prom with one of them, and since there were no expectations of what the night "had" to be, it was quite a bit of fun. Michael (my date) and I went to Waffle House before prom and had dinner there, we drove my mom's scraped up Ford, and we made plans to leave and go do something else if prom completely sucked. It didn't suck, but neither was it the best of times or the perfect ending to my high school career. The best thing about having gone to my senior prom is that I don't regret not going, and that's really all I can ask of any high school experience.

Jack, on the other hand, took an opportunity to learn more about himself and become more confident when speaking with the opposite sex. By dating a number of young women in a short period of time he was able to see a variety of good qualities in potential partners and evaluate how they might fit with his lifestyle and who he wanted to be as a person. Of course, during this process Jack learns that the girls he dates are usually just as nervous as he is about making a good impression, etc. That he took that to heart and became a more compassionate, empathetic person who apologized for behavior that came off as cruel earlier in his dating situations is a bit unrealistic from someone so young and socially awkward, but not totally impossible. It would be nice to see this book in the hands of more young men and women just embarking on dating and learning to relate with each other on a romantic level.

I'll go to say that I still more or less agree with Bandgeek8408's review, I am just not quite as enthusiastic about it as he is. Let Matt know that Lib's LIB sent you!
LibsNote: Bought from Books-a-Million with personal funds. On sale for a dollar. That is how I roll.

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