15 March 2012

Post 490: Pop When the World Falls Apart

Pop When the World Falls Apart: Music in the Shadow Doubt edited by Eric Weisbard. ISBN: 9780822351085 (Advance Reader Copy - publishes April 9, 2012).

I haven't been big into music since I was about 18. People seem to think it's strange that I don't really have a "favorite" band or singer, or even genre anymore. There are music genres and performers that I'm certainly drawn to, but I don't really listen to music everyday. It is not a central part of my life, and I think Pop has helped me figure out why.

Music is a central part of determining who we are socially and culturally, and I don't particularly care to be solely associated with one set of friends or any particular culture. As a society we are already so politically and culturally divided that it is nearly impossible to get along with other groups of people. My lack of interest in music is not really an attempt to no longer enjoy life, as some people seem to think, but instead is a means of trying to connect with more people, without the barrier of certain cultural aspects getting in the way. I am willing to listen to pretty much any music that is on the radio, simply because I desire to experience as much of life as possible. Do I have preferences? Yes, of course. There are songs I like and songs I don't like, but within each music genre I have been able to find exceptions.

Another reason I don't seek music out like I used to is that I no longer have a disposable income. After I moved to college, I preferred to spend my money on experiences. I wanted to use it for something that would become a memorable experience, whether that meant buying a six pack of beer to drink with a friend while we talked philosophy, or going to see Snakes On a Plane with half a dozen nerds. My not intentionally listening to music stems from the same reasons I dislike identifying myself as a Democrat and/or a liberal. While my political leanings are mostly in-line with that group of people, I have met some wonderful Republicans who I would prefer to keep as friends and have intelligent discussions with as opposed to just having a group of friends with similar interests and beliefs. I don't want to hear the same opinion over and over again because it causes me to stagnate as a person and as a thinker. Certainly there are topics that I cannot or will not discuss with certain friends just because they are extremely sensitive issues, but having that awareness also helps me to address those topics with compassion and openness when I am able to discuss them.

So it's not that I don't love music, it's that I've chosen to become part of a broader community, and giving up listening to specific genres has given me the opportunity to participate on a level I might not otherwise get to. In the meantime, I also get exposed to more kinds of music than I would otherwise, just less frequently.

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