01 November 2010

Day 219: Consider the Lobster

"Up, Simba" in Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace. ISBN: 9780316156110.

Tomorrow I go to the polls to vote for the fourth time in my life.  It seems that I vote every other year, but I first started paying attention in 2000 after my history teacher told us to watch the election results and fill in a map.  By the morning, the results still hadn't been finalized and Florida was purple from being colored in red and blue and red and blue as the News predicted it going one way or the other.

During the next presidential election, the first one I was able to vote in, I was working with the Syracuse Peace Council.  We were not allowed to endorse a candidate, but we could ask people not to vote for someone.  So most of my time during that co-op was spent staking Anyone But Bush yard signs.  I sometimes wonder where this country would be if he hadn't been re-elected, but on the other hand we no longer have to worry about his second term in office.

I am not against voting Republican.  Some of the Republicans I've met have been very reasonable people who I would be proud to vote for.  Unfortunately, those aren't the Republicans who tend to run for office.  I actually had a good amount of respect for McCain before the Republicans seemed to twist his poor little brain into what is today.  One of my relatives, typically a Democrat, stated she gladly would have voted for McCain if he ever ran for president.  That was of course before this:
 I actually have an incredible amount of respect for John McCain.  He certainly has made sacrifices for our country, has tried to be the voice of reason in what has turned into a completely unreasonable profession.  And I am just saddened at where the United States is now and how small groups of people are able to warp good men like him.  It's almost enough to make you wish for a monarchy except that would make it even easier for corporations to get their way.

*Photo credit to: TMZ.
I don't necessarily agree with this review, but I think it's well written, entertaining, and makes some good points.

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