03 November 2010

Day 221: Gathering Blue

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry.  ISBN: 9780440229490.

Kira is a thread worker, someone who works with embroidery and other techniques.  While she was taught, most of it apparently comes to her through "magic."  She just feels her fingers take over and do the work.  I think we all wish we had skills like that, but part of the reason they are so cherished is because we have to work so hard at them.  Certainly there are prodigies in every field, and people who just have a knack for learning certain skills.

I remember as a child trying to find that one thing I was good at.  I hopped from ballet to tap dance to guitar to writing to whatever else I could think of.  My parents were generous and encouraging in my interest, but when I felt I had failed they didn't encourage me to continue.  Instead I was allowed to move on to the next thing.

As it is I feel the only thing I really have any "magic" ability for is writing Rupert stories, and that is a stupid, stupid "talent."  By now I've been writing Rupert stories for three days straight for NaNoWriMo.  I'll be making updates on my twitter account @libs_lib, where I also make updates about what I'm reading.  I'll try to keep it updated with what particular story I'm working on, so you can be all excited about buying them and making me rich.  Rupert the Magical Pony, imma turn you into a Magical Cashcow.  Yeah, probably not, but in the meantime I will try to spread much Magical Pony Joy.

Do I wish I had a better talent?  Sure, but I know at least a few people that Rupert makes happy, and I hope there will be others.

A decent, if short, review can be found at Books R4 Teens.

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