16 March 2011

Post 354: Rage

Rage by Jackie Kessler. ISBN: 9780547445281 (advanced reader copy - publishes April 8, 2011).

Yesterday, I mentioned that I probably would have been very attuned for the role of War at the age of 16. Today, I am obviously quite a different person. My hormones have settled, and are also maintained to some degree by birth control pills. While I may not be able to control my emotions as much as I like, I do have a lot more control over my reactions and the way I process those emotions than I did as a teenager.

If I had to choose which horseman to be today, I would probably lean more towards Pestilence. This might seem a strange choice, but out of all of them it would at least allow for a chance for some of the population to survive in a more even manner. Famine might allow for some survivors as well, but only whoever can afford food. Pestilence is a little more equal. Pestilence can hit the wealthy and the poor, the black and the white, the educated and the ignorant with more or less the same force. Depending on the disease the have-not group may even be in a better position to survive it, therefore upsetting the social order and allowing for change or improvements in society that never would have happened otherwise.

It just seems that there are more positive aspects to Pestilence than there are to War or Famine, yet it is still a somewhat proactive component of the Apocalypse. I imagine when I'm older, just being Death will be right up my alley. But the inevitability of it seems a little too bleak for me just now. While the other three offer some means of avoiding or overcoming their grasp, everyone faces Death. I'm just not at the stage of my life where I'm willing to cut anyone down completely. No matter how dire my personal circumstances seem to me, I think other people have a good chance at making a worthwhile life for themselves.

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