08 July 2010

Day 103: The Alchemist's Daughter

The Alchemist's Daughter by Katharine McMahon.  ISBN: 9781415927670 (audiobook). 

"...the expectation of heaven can be no substitute for what happens here, it can't be an excuse for infliction of misery on others." 

I have met some truly wonderful and Christian people in my lifetime, both conservative and liberal.  They were polite enough to stop talking politics when it got to the point where friendships were on the line and kind enough to offer help, advice, charity when it was needed.  No questions asked.

Aaaaand I've been unfortunate to meet the other kind of christian.  The kind that will Bible-thump and preach all day long about how much they love Jesus and the American flag, but will just as soon run over you as let you cross the street before their SUV on a left turn, green lights and pedestrians be damned.*  They are careless in their thoughts and their deeds towards others, and still assume they're destined for heaven because they are Believers.

If hell is paved with good intentions, I don't think that means that heaven is paved with ignorance.  And really, this applies to all religions, but most of my contact with The Arrogant Sect involves christians.  But why do people who claim religiosity, who propose that they are the most pure and holy and god-fearing, why are they usually the ones who treat those outside of their religion with the most contempt, disregard, and disrespect?  This ranges from getting in a non-believer's face, shunning of family members who don't believe, and insisting that Creation and only (one) Creation be taught.

I'm actually all for teaching Creation in school.  It's a large part of what our society and much of our literature and art is based on.  However, I don't think it should be taught in Biology class.  I think religion classes ought to be, if not required, at the very least an elective like Psychology.  It should not focus solely on Christianity, but on the stories and principles of the world's major religions.  Yes, that includes Islam.  I am not implying that this should be taught to young children, but at about the age of 14, I think that students can absorb and disseminate information about other cultures and religions and think for themselves.  

If your argument involves the heathen-izing of good christian children, I would argue that your child's religious faith must already be pretty flimsy, and perhaps they have observed behavior by others of their faith who have not behaved in an appropriate manner.  It is so very easy to lose faith when you see the people who are supposed to be religious leaders going against the tenets of their faith and the words coming out of their own damned mouths.

*I realize that not all chrisitian drive SUVs, and I've met some assholes in Priuses too.

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