04 September 2010

Day 161: a general update

So...I dropped two books from my reading since the last time I made a general update.  I just could not get into Kelly Armstrong's Frostbitten and I think Bozo Sapiens was just a little too smart for me given my current level of brain activity.  I might try that one again at some point, but the nature of the writing does not make me want to read it non-stop.

Anyway, I finished Mockingjay yesterday so expect two posts about that.  You'll find out whether I'm Team Gale or Team Peeta.  I'll also be discussing the use of media in Mockingjay, which I found to be a fascinating element of the series.

I've decided to participate in Banned Book Week this year, and while I'm willing to take suggestions I've already got a tentative list that includes: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman, Obscene in the Extreme: The Burning and Banning of Grapes of Wrath by Rick Wartzman, Gerald's Game by Stephen King, and maybe a few others if I have time/lack inspiration to write multiple posts on one book.  I am more than willing to have multiple posts during the week, so if you want to be a guest blogger feel free to email me with your post, or to ask for details.

I don't have plans for reading between now and Banned Book Week which is September 25-October 2 (and starts on Shel Silverstein's birthday appropriately enough).  I've pretty much decided to work on my stack of ARCs that I picked up from ALA with the occasional library book thrown in.  So from now until about the 25th, my reading will be a surprise to the both of us...unless you're watching my Goodreads account, in which case you'll at least know what I'll be posting about next.

By the way, today is Richard Wright's 102nd birthday.  His book Black Boy frequently shows up on banned book lists.

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