31 December 2010

Meme: My Life in Books and some Statistics

I don't normally participate in memes, but I liked this one and I figured people might just be interested in some stats...so that'll follow too.  Oh yeah, this was ganked from Lizzy's Literary Life.  Some of the books on the list may not be from the blog, because I started it in March, so keep that in mind.  I'll go ahead and link to my blog posts or reviews where available if you want to revisit them.

My Life in Books 2010.
Answer the following questions using only books read in 2010. Do not repeat your answers.

* If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Planet of the Apes
* Your favorite form of transportation: Leviathan (note, my first car was named Ahab from Moby Dick)
* Your best friend is: Binky the Space Cat (not posted yet, review on Goodreads)
* You and your friends are: Packing for Mars
* What’s the weather like: Murder on Ice
* Favorite time of day: Night
* If your life was a: Fluke by Christopher Moore (sorry, no review or post, it was a great book though!)
* What is life to you: A History of Ghosts
* Your fear: (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents
* What is the best advice you have to give: Everybody Marries the Wrong Person
* Thought for the Day: I Know I am But What Are You?
* How I would like to die: Smoke and Mirrors (note: there are a lot of posts for this one since it's a short story collection)
* My soul’s present condition: Obscene in the Extreme

Numbers, they are crunchy 
 Total Read: 136
(These include books I read this year, but did not blog about)

Review Ratings
19 didn't like it
28 didn't like itit was ok
43 didn't like itit was okliked it
32 didn't like itit was okliked itreally liked it
14 didn't like itit was okliked itreally liked itit was amazing (my current rating)
Audio Book: 11
eBook: 2
Print: 123

ALA 2010: 12
Publisher/Author: 5
Goodreads: 7
Forgotten Bookmarks: 6
Borrowed: 2
Library: 104
Bought: 0, yeah, I spent $0 on books this year...no, I take it back, I spent $5.00 on books this year because I bought a nice copy of The Scarlet Letter.  I just haven't read it this year.

Male to Female Ratio, plus editor for short story collections
Male: 75
Female: 60
Editor: 1

Books in Series, Monographs, and Collections
Series: 28
Monographs: 105
Collections: 3

2010 Favorites (linked to blog where available, otherwise Goodreads*)
Non-fiction: At Home, The Meaning of Wife, The History of White People, and Packing for Mars
Fiction: Fahrenheit 451, Little Women and Werewolves, Elantris*, Firmin, and Planet of the Apes
Series: His Dark Materials, The Hunger Games, Soulless (aka The Parasol Protectorate). Note: series linked by author tag.


  1. Your series up there are awesome! His Dark Materials and The Parasol Protectorate rock my world, and The Hunger Games ranks up there as well. Have you tried Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy?

  2. I am quite enamored with Carriger's series, myself. I even got my mother-in-law hooked on it. We may even have convinced my fiance to give it a read, although he will likely go into giggle fits over the sexy scenes. I think Dark Materials might be one of my favorite reads this year, but I had a lot of good ones so it's hard to say!

    Haven't tried any Ness yet, but he's _somewhere_ on my obscenely long TBR pile. Perhaps I'll bump him up, in the meantime, I'm spending the new year with Mr. Cronin's hoog vampire book.


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