11 May 2010

Day 45: The Meaning of Wife

The Meaning of Wife by Anne Kingston.  ISBN: 9780374205102.

My fiance apparently really liked my last post and wants me to keep writing on this topic.  It's kind of interesting considering he's not really interested in helping me to plan the wedding and seems uncomfortable with the idea of being my househusband...which is what he'll be if he doesn't find a job.

This is another topic covered in The Meaning of Wife.  There are male wives, and they do just as much as their female counterparts.  I'm not sure why he's so reluctant to be there for me in the home if that's what I need.  Maybe he's concerned about losing his masculinity or he thinks I won't appreciate it.  But I have a small secret.

I like the idea of having him stay home and take care of me.  I mean, it would be nice to have an extra income, but how much better would it be for me to come home to a warm meal and a clean house?  I could focus completely on my career, and he could focus on his writing when he's not keeping house.  Do I want him to have his own career and goals, etc.?  Yes, of course, but at the moment he doesn't know what he wants to with his life yet.  In the meantime, I'd like to be his job.  Not only that, for our first year of marriage it may make us closer and my transition into a professional position easier.

Would I be willing to take his place as a wife?  Maybe.  But I'm a completely different person.  I'm very career minded, and I like working.  Then again, if I knew he'd make enough for both of us to live off of, maybe I would find something else to make my life more meaningful.  I can only hope he'll be able to do the same, and I'd be happy to help him any way I can.

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