16 May 2010

Day 50: a general update

Hey guess what!  I'm going to ALA Annual (American Library Association).  If you're interested in meeting me and maybe buying me a free meal/drink while we talk books shoot me an email at acampb8@kent.edu.

Hurray, my 50th post!  Just checking in with everyone.  I've talked to a couple of readers in person about my blog.  It seems like everyone is still enjoying it  I've got a lot of things coming up and I've also got something I was asked to promote.  I have some mixed feelings about promoting things for people when I haven't read them, etc., but in this case it's for a good cause and it's from an author I read recently.  So here's some stuff I'm planning to read, followed by something else.

The Atlantis Code by Charles Brokaw. 
I love stuff about Atlantis.  And I'm probably not the only one.  So much of our world is covered by water that I think we like the idea of some city being buried where we can get to it, but not without some work.  I'm pretty sure this popped up on one of my many RSS book review feeds (most of which are run by librarians, go figure).  This is not my typical fare, but I think it will be an enjoyable read nonetheless.

The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway.
I got this off of the Underrated List on Goodreads.  And who doesn't love post-apocalyptic love stories?

A History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter.
I'm mostly excited about this because of Painter's appearance on the Colbert Report.  I love people who play along with Colbert, and she was freakin' amazing.  I've also been neglecting my history reading, so this should be a fun way to gettin' my history on.

Soulless (The Parasol Protectorate #1) by Gail Carriger.
The first time I saw this was on the shelves at the local coffee shop, Grounds for Thought. Ah, the recent influx of zombie, vampire, paranormal fiction.  How I love thee.  Victorian vampire hunting spinster?  Awesome.  I'm willing to give it a try, and holy shit the Wood County Public Library seriously has everything.

The Stranger by Albert Camus.
Yay!  Another classic.  I wonder why so many people are reluctant to read classics?  I'm not sure how I missed out on this one considering I took at least two philosophy classes and ran philosophy club during college.  Ah well, it happens.

Juliet by Anne Fortier.
I'm supposed to receive this from the First Reads program on Goodreads where they send you free books in exchange for reviews.  I'm looking forward to it, despite it's being decidedly more chick-lit than I like to admit reading.  Yeah, okay, occasionally I like girlie romance type things.  The premise is interesting, being that the Romeo-Juliet thing is actually a curse and plays itself out every few generations or some such until said curse is broken.  I'm hoping this will be better than Moonlight Falls.  It won't have to work terribly hard.

Unpaid promotion ahead
I was contacted by Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, one of the authors of Gentle Footprints.  This is a collection of short stories including one by Richard Adams, at the age of 90.  Ms. Hobbs-Wyatt gave me this link to buy the book.  Unfortunately that seems to only be for the UK, it's not being published in the United States, but if you're more comfortable ordering through Amazon, I can do that for you.

Oh yeah, if um, if you wanna pay me for promotions in the future, that would be awesome.

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