30 May 2010

Day 64: Changeless

Changeless by Gail Carriger.  ISBN: 9780316074148.

One of the vampires in this series is named Lord Akeldama.  He is flamboyant, wears loud but stylish clothing, and uses pet names with impunity.  I like pet names, they are cute and endearing when exchanged among loved ones.

Not so much when you have a patron or customer using them.  I understand I don't have a name tag, but can't you think of something a little better to call me than "sweetheart?"  Maybe you think you're being cute and endearing, but just because you're about the same age as my mother doesn't mean I somehow view you as a mother.  I am not helping you purely out of the goodness of my heart, I am helping you because I get financial gain and professional satisfaction from it.  Why do you think you're so special that you think I'm giving you some kind of special treatment?

I also don't understand why women do this to other women.  Shouldn't you know better than that?  Haven't you ever been treated that way and found it condescending?  I understand that in some places it's a cultural thing, that's okay...sort of.  I just don't get it. I work hard, just like you do; please, please, show some respect.  Not just to me, show some respect to the fast food worker and the janitor and the person who works at the call center.  Even if they are in India.

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