19 June 2010

Day 84: Night

Night by Elie Wiesel.  ISBN: 9781883332501 (audiobook).

I apologize, this one will probably be a little on the reviewy side.  There are certain things I expect from audiobooks.  I expect a well-rounded even tone from the narrator and not screeching in my ear.  This particular audiobook does not live up to expectations.  He seems to think that dramatic parts of the book should translate into a dramatic yelling of "Fire! Fire! Fire!"  Thank you, Beavis, for telling us the heart wrenching story of the Holocaust.

I appreciate that it's a tense moment in a very tense story, but screaming like a howler monkey only annoys your listeners and I was damn close to giving up on this.  As it was, I was just waiting for my ear piercing yapping rather than listening to the story.  Listening to a story should be relaxing, regardless of the content.  There are ways to use inflection to add a sense of the dramatic flair or sorrow or excitement.

So, dear audiobook companies, please stop hiring people who squawk like parrots or at they very least train and direct them better.  I love audiobooks, but that shit is annoying.

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