08 June 2010

Book Blogger Appreciation

Greetings blog readers, I'm posting this as part of my self-nomination for the Book Bloggers Appreciation Week Award.  Don't worry, you'll get your regular daily post.  In the meantime I'm offering five of what I consider to be the quality Grade A posts of this blog.  For the benefit of potential new readers and the judges I will also include a description of the project.

A Librarian's Life in Books is a unique blog that uses plot, characters, subtext, themes, and brief moments or quotes to reflect on and analyze my life, profession, past, future, relationships, and my ideas.  I know this does not fit in with regular book blogs, but I feel that my blog offers something new to readers.  It allows them to look at books and their lives in a different light, and hopefully it will lead to deeper reflection and better reading, regardless of the material.

Without further muddling about, here's what I consider to be some of my best posts:

Day 25: My Freshman Year
Day 46: The Meaning of Wife
Day 51: The Stranger
Day 57: The Atlantis Code
Day 60: The Gone-Away World

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